Retained Features, Part 1: Cancellation Feedback

by Richard

So, David and I have been furiously working to bring Retained to you as quickly as we can (because we really want to use it too!) and I thought it would be a good idea to let you know more about what we are building.

Retained is a collection of useful tools that can drop into your app to help you to keep more of the customers that you have, and get more. Part of the reason that we’re building Retained is so that we don’t have to spend a bunch of time manually adding all of these tools into every app that we build. Retained comes with a block of JavaScript that you can drop into your app, which will enable all of these features at once.

One of those features is cancellation feedback. Some of the best opinions, comments and honest feedback that we can get from our customers is when/if they decide to cancel. Previously, we’ve implemented something in our apps that sends an email to users when they cancel. We’ve definitely gotten some great responses and improved our apps because of it, but we’ve also noticed that many people just never reply to the emails at all, because when they receive the email, they’ve already cancelled. What do they care about responding to an email from an app they aren’t using anymore?

So, we’ve built a cancellation feedback feature that hooks in between when someone hits the cancel button in your app and when their account is actually deleted (at that point, you have all of their attention, because they are trying to delete their account). Right now it looks like this:

We’ll all get much more feedback from our customers that way. Bidsketch gets 200% more actionable feedback from canceling customers by doing something similar.

Now, the really awesome part is how we’re surfacing the information from the cancellation forms to help you make better decisions about what to build/fix in your apps. Retained will tell you who’s canceling and why, in an easy-to-understand interface.

Kill your churn. Keep more of your customers. Get an invite to Retained.

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