The Retained Customer Page.

by Richard

Here’s a shot of a Customer page from Retained, where you can see useful information about a particular customer that you have, and your interactions with them.


On one page, you can see estimated revenue from this person, and how long they’ve been a customer (so that you know who’s stuck around with you, and who your best customers are).

You can see their Happiness, which isn’t just an indicator of how recently you’ve talked to them, as is the case with some other tools we’ve used. Retained finds out how your customers feel over time, directly from them, so it’s always accurate. It calculates churn risk for each customer, based on their usage and other variables. You can even pass events in to Retained, so it can be so accurate that it can show you that a user is likely to churn beforeĀ they ever decide to cancel. That way, you can reach out to them before they ever get to that point.

You can also see things that you’d expect, like your interactions with them, previous support requests, and information about their location and browser, which will prevent you from ever having to ask them for that information to get to the bottom of an issue.

You can also pass in custom information for each customer, such as their user id or other information that would allow you to better identify or support them, and we’ll show that on this page. All of the information you need to support and retain your customers, on one page.

Kill your churn. Keep more of your customers. Get an invite to Retained.

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