So What is Retained?

by Richard

So, you’re a developer who has built an amazing web app. You’ve worked hard on it, and you know it’s solid. You have users who love the app and have used it for awhile, but every so often, you get a notification that makes your heart sink in your chest: Someone cancelled their account. You know that it’s just a part of running a web business, but it hurts just the same. You’ve poured your heart and soul into this product, found market-fit, and still people are canceling.

What if you could see your most valuable users at a glance? What if you could know who was going to cancel their account before they did, and be able to proactively reach out with in-app messaging? What if you knew precisely how your users felt about your app at any given time? What if you could easily keep all of your users informed about what’s new in your app, personalized for them? What if this was all integrated with a support system that let you know a lot more about the person that you’re talking to, so that you can better prioritize and deliver personalized support?

You can hook your app into all sorts of systems that give you a lot of statistics about your app (just a bunch of tables, charts, and graphs, really), but what if someone took it a step further and told you exactly what to do to improve your app, based on that data?

When trying to retain users, the little things really do add up, and we’re using our years of running successful web applications (such as DispatchStunning and Are My Sites Up) to tie a bunch of seemingly little things together in such a way that the sum will be greater than its parts. We are building an app that will help you to reduce churn, and a toolkit for keeping your customers happy, informed, and using your product.

With Retained, the next time someone cancels their subscription to your product, you’ll be able to find out why. Better yet, you can use Retained to never let them get to that point.

Kill your churn. Keep more of your customers. Get an invite to Retained.

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