Retained Features, Part 3: Since You’ve Been Gone

by Richard

Hi again! This week I’m talking about another Retained feature that we’re working on, called Since You’ve Been Gone.

The first time I ever saw something like this, it was when I logged into my Wufoo account, and I thought it was a really cool way to show a user exactly what’s been added since they last logged into the app.

With something like this, the user is shown that the app is being actively worked on, that it’s getting better over time, and they may even discover some useful new features that they will use. And they’re being shown this information right after they log in, which is the best time for them to see it, because they are actively invested in using the app. That way, it’s not getting lost in their inbox when they are busy doing something else.

We definitely didn’t invent this feature, but we wanted to have it in all of our apps, so we’ve added it to Retained. With one code snippet added to your app, you’ll get this and a whole lot more.

Kill your churn. Keep more of your customers. Get an invite to Retained.

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