Retained Features, Part 2: Watches.

by Richard

Hey, it’s me again, talking about another Retained feature that we’re working on! They’re called Watches.

Have you ever talked to someone who said that they were interested and going to sign up for your app in the future? Maybe it wasn’t the right time for them because they needed approval for the purchase, or because they knew that if they signed up they wouldn’t have enough time to evaluate your product because they were too busy at the time.

Then, they sign up later on and you’ve forgotten about them… or you write a note to yourself about them, but it gets lost… or you write a note to yourself, remember who they are and what you talked about, but still have to write an email and send it to them. What if you could have an message automatically sent to them when they sign up?

That’s one reason why we’re building Watches. With Watches you can add any email address to an app in Retained, and a message that you’d like sent to that user. Retained will watch for the first (or next) time that user shows up in your app, and send them that message. To the user, you’ve remembered them, are watching signups, and personally reached out to them (hopefully with some details from your previous conversation!). Little do they know that you did the work up front, way before they actually got the message. Watches can be used for any situation where you want a message to be sent to a specific user when they log into your app.

Then, if/when they reply to that message, you can start a great conversation.

Watches in Retained: Set it and forget it.

Kill your churn. Keep more of your customers. Get an invite to Retained.

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